The Federal Association of the Child Protection Association in Germany

Our Goal is a Child-Friendly Society

The Child Protection Association has been committed to the protection of children in Germany and their rights since it was founded in 1953 in Hamburg. We want to ensure that children grow up without poverty and are protected from violence. Our goal is a child-friendly society in which the mental, emotional, social and physical development of children and adolescents is promoted. Children and adolescents should be involved in all decisions, planning and measures that affect them. Our work is based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child and ranges from lobbying for child-friendly legislation to practical daily work with children, youths, and their families.

People All Over Germany Are Committed to the Protection and Rights of Children

More than 15,000 volunteers and 7,000 full-time employees are involved in the child protection association. More than 50,000 individual members support the child protection work with their contributions. They all form the basis of the largest child protection organization in Germany.

Practical Help for Children and Their Families as well as Political Work for Child-Friendly Legislation

More than 400 local associations offer children and their families practical help such as advice on educational matters, childcare and support of all kinds.
The 16 regional associations support the local associations by offering further education and advice. The regional associations champion the interests of children and adolescents in politics at state level. The federal association supports the regional and local associations by conducting cross-association committees, working groups and events. In all projects that affect the entire association, the federal association involves the regional and local associations. As a lobby association, it champions the interests of children and adolescents at federal level. Thanks to this association structure, the child protection association can be active and shape things on different levels.

The Child Protection Association Is a Non-Profit Organization

All branches of the child protection association ‚Äď the federal association and the local and state associations ‚Äď are recognized as non-profit organizations. They finance their activities exclusively through membership fees, donations, fines and public grants. Furthermore, some companies support projects of the child protection association.

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